Whiskey to a distinctive gift

Such a whiskey is really a good possibility for advertisement. It means a give-away to your customers which costs you only some euros and will have a great value for them. But you should do this not with any whiskey . It should be a distinctive gift for your customers so they will be reminded of this whiskey every day.

How can you turn any whiskey to a distinctive gift? In our special shop (http://www.spirituosen-markenshop.de/whiskey) you can find a huge assortment of whiskey. Do you like a special color whiskey? We can offer a lot of colors, and if you need some special color we can also serve you. But in this case delivery time would be perhaps a little bit longer. Colors which we have on stock we will deliver within 48 hours.

You prefer whiskey of a special year? No problem, we can also serve you.

And then the shapes. Do you like our blue dolphin? Or our black whiskey purse? A whiskey like an arrow? But we deliver also special setforms which are distinctive – guaranteed!

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