Television produces stars.

What are stars? Stars are not only the stars in the sky but also the very important people in a football team or in a television show. Some of these stars are so famous that everybody  knows them. But many, many little stars wait for their discovery. If such little stars want to arise like the sun they will be in need for professional help. Well,  who can help them? An advertising agency or in German a Werbeagentur.

It is the same in Germany. There are also a lot of little stars, and a Werbeagentur will help them to come in front of the desktops to people who look television only by notebook or home computer. Television is also used in Germany. But there are some restrictions by expenses so it is not easy for  young stars to come up.

Television produces stars. If somebody of the TV show producers has a good idea his show will become famous. Today many of the shows are weekly or even daily on the television. Such shows have only a few stars but many actors who get only a small performance in the television program. These are the little stars in the television sky. Sometimes they were found by the television producers only by mouth-to-mouth propaganda. But often television producers have problems to find enough actors for their series.

This is the chance for little stars registered at a Werbeagentur. The Werbeagentur can introduce some of these little stars to the producers, and there is a good opportunity that they will come down

a little part of such a television series. If so they get a good chance of not being longer only a little star. Perhaps the producer discovers the talent of such little stars, and they give him new ideas for another television series.

So the Werbeagentur serves as a springboard for little stars to become big stars in a television series. Who knows – perhaps the next step is a leading part in a television movie also mediated by a Werbeagentur.

Not to forget: A Werbeagentur has also a pool of little stars to act in advertising films and promotion actions. This is also a good opportunity for young stars to find a way to more celebrity. Once to be the girl or the man on the front page of a big magazine is also a chance to become more famous.

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