Sportkleidung im TV

Television is an excellent instrument for advertising. Everyday commodities like convenience goods or shopping goods can be demonstrated in a TV advertisement. A good example is sports wear. Since there are German producers of sports wear which are well known also in Great Britain or in the United States the German definition Sportkleidung is also used in TV advertisement.

But Sportkleidung im TV will only bring quotes if it is presented in a special way. If you only show sports wear the consumer will see it and think of clothes which he cannot enjoy and such advertisement will be forgotten quicker than an eyelid’s move. Therefore you must present Sportkleidung im TV during its use. Show it at a rainy day – and show that your sports wear is absolutely impermeable. Show it on a sailing boat – and show that wind will not touch the body of the sailor.

Good ideas are also to present the Sportkleidung im TV from abroad. Think of Greenland or of the Antarctic! Innuits and penguins both require very warm clothes. So show it on TV, that your sports wear is also fit for the extraordinary conditions in such an extreme climate. Surely, if you produce sports wear for swimming and bathing then you should prefer places in a bland climate. Greenland and the Antarctic are less adequate in this case, but you can choose Florida or the Bahamas to present such Sportkleidung im TV. Or another example: if you produce shoes for mountain climbers then you would be well advised if you presented this footwear in the Alps or in the Rocky Mountains. And shoes for marathon runners or for Ironmen and Ironwomen you should present on the TV as a spot from Boston Marathon, from the Brooklyn Bridge filled with marathon runners from New York – or with a short movie from Hawaii where there is the start of the most famous Ironman’s challenge.

Do you need more information? Meet and look at it. And look for such opportunities of wearing your sports wear in places where people are extremely enthusiastic about your products. Certainly you will find such opportunities. They will be the best way to present your Sportkleidung. Such advertisement will be noticed by the consumers and will stay in their remembrance. Test it – you will have more success with such advertisement than with much more other advertisements.

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