Spa bath or a whirlpool (with wasserbetten)

Do you like a spa bath or a sauna at your home? Yes, it is possible, but not in every case. You need space for it, this is the first question which has to be answered. Do you have room in the cellar of your house? This is the main place in Germany where you will find a sauna or a whirlpool.

But it is not the only opportunity to install a spa bath. If your bathroom is big enough you can install a whirlpool within your bathroom. It needs not so much more room than a normal bath tub, and if you are a proud owner of a whirlpool you will never miss your old bath tub.

And when there is no cellar in your house or your bathroom is too small? Then you must not give up hope for an own whirlpool. Not every spa bath, but some whirlpools are constructed in a way that they can also be installed on a terrace or in your garden. This is no possibility for you? Sorry, then it is difficult to help you. Look for another house or for a bigger home then we can solve your problem and deliver you a steam sauna, an infrared sauna or a whirlpool.

Do you prefer a spa bath or a whirlpool? Surely, a whirlpool may be useful only for yourself. But together with two or three persons a whirlpool can become a more amusing affair. Whirlpools, often in combination with a “wasserbetten“, are also available for more persons. Five persons? No problem, such a whirlpool is shippable. Six or seven persons? Such big Whirlpools Wien are also available. And also you have the option of about thirty jets until more than a hundred injectors.

Do you like a sauna? You have two opportunities. You can choose a traditional Finnish steam sauna made of wood of hemlock or cedar. Or you choose the infrared sauna, also of hemlock or cedar wood. What do you like? For a traditional steam sauna you need some more room than for a infrared sauna cabin. So it may be a decision which depends on how much room you have in your home.

Do you like both a whirlpool and a sauna? Then you really need more space. Also you have to think of electricity and water. We hope you will enjoy your spa bath and your finnish steam sauna!

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