Radar detectors illegal

A radar warning system is an electronic device that can register the electromagnetic waves of radar systems and issues a warning before. Radar detectors can be used in motor vehicles, to warn of speed controls by means of continuous wave radar, even before the speed of the vehicle is detected.

In Germany such radar detectors (German: Radarwarner) are prohibited. In the Road Traffic Act states : “Whoever drives a vehicle, shall not operate a technical device or carry ready, which is intended to display traffic control measures or disturb. ” And so already the navigation device with corresponding radar warning function is illegal, regardless of whether the navigation was turned on or not.

Although in Germany buying and selling of radar detectors is legal, in the vehicle they are banned since 2002. Carrying, thus even in the glove compartment of the car, is sufficient to violate the law. Those who are caught can expect as a first-time offender with 4 points in Flensburg and a fine of 75 euros. For repeat offenders, it will be much more costly.

In Austria and Switzerland, however, the possession and therefore the import from abroad is prohibited. Permitted in Austria are those devices that are integrated into navigation devices or smartphones.

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