Radar detector warns of speed cameras

Who has seen ” The Fast and the Furious”, was certainly envious of the rapid illegal car racing and tuned carriage of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. In Germany one rarely hears about some illegal street races, which perhaps may be due to the well-guarded streets. Safety cameras spoil the German motorists the turf, although there is not even a speed limit in Germany on the highway. The speed limit in the city is but then throttled to 50km/h.

Who still has a lead foot and do not come down from the gas, collects a speeding ticket and at worst threatens even a driving ban. This could be remedied by using a radar detector or by using radar warning apps for your smartphone, that warn of stationary flashes.

Frequently radar detectors are already part of the navigation device. If the radar detector function in the Navi is not already armed, simply corresponding POIs can be downloaded. There are also individual devices to purchase, which you can carry in the car. At least the driver is then relatively safe before stationary speed cameras and can avoid a speeding ticket by early decelerating.

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