Product development

Product development and finding solutions for innovative ideas

Using the methodology of product development and solution finding, it is possible to ensure almost any product or service almost every successful market launch. Product development is there to solve a technical problem, activities and products are developed, researched or pre-developed before they are finally produced.

Product development begins with the idea and extends to the launch of the product. Thus, a previously wholly intuitive approach to technical solutions is complemented by a systematic and methodical way of working. The development of marketable products can be better planned and verifiable – nothing is left to chance. Wrong decisions can be avoided.

The processes involved in product development methodology can be applied industry-independent in all development activities. Always there several phases of planning are run up to the launch. Corrections are possible, because any time you can take earlier steps again. The greatest benefit is usually given in the early stages of the product development process, product planning, clarification of the task as well as the designing.

It starts with the planning phase mainly comprises an intensive market analysis at each product development. A developmental task is formulated. For this, you have to be clear what the customer wants and what the competition offers at this time already. What new product ideas to deliver themselves and what benefits the product offers. Also, to the target group and the future price of the product you should make in advance thoughts.

In the development department then the technical possibilities for realizing the product studied at the functional level. Only when all the factors are released for the production can be realized and the actual product development begins. Now it goes to the conception, in which the optimal solution is filtered out from various technical solutions before a first draft is prepared in the aftermath. Depending on the product to scale, a detailed design is then manufactured and produced a functional model. The latter is the proof of the function. Now, a prototype can be made from the drawings, last error is excluded, and the product will be manufactured in series. The market launch.

If you want to implement an innovative idea should be assisted by an expert for product development domain therein. This can not only support in the application of product development methods at certain stages of the development process, but also support through coaching in the methodological support of individual projects. Even in the development of concept studies and the complete development of innovative products they can offer support. In addition, multi-day courses are offered that keep you fit for the various methods of product development.

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