Create your own T-Shirt

When there is a message which is very important for you and you want to bring it to the people you will have a lot of opportunities. But not all of these opportunities are so good that they reach many people. So you have to decide which of these posibilities fits best for your purpose.

One of the cheapest opportunities is: create your own T-Shirts. There is room for your message at the front and the backside, perhaps decorated with stars around your message. Your message should be only a short message. Give the people the chance to read it and to keep it in their mind, and give the people the opportunity to read more in the world wide web by announcing an internet address which everybody can keep in mind.

The next action would be as follows: You must present the message to many people. There are many chances to do so. Go to a football match or a famous tennis match, a concert of a famous musician or  a political meeting. It depends on the message you have printed on your t-shirts.You can also visit such an event, present yourself with your t-shirts at an exposed position so that you will be presented on television.

If you are shown  on television, your message can be noticed by a lot of people who do not directly visit the event but watch the TV program at home.

There is a simple method to multiply your message. As you want to tell your message so many persons as possible you can let print more t-shirts with stars and the message. You can give your t-shirts to all your friends and relatives, and when you go together with friends to an event you will have much more chances that people look at you, and now you and your t-shirts are much more interesting for the television.

But if you are clever you should not just give out the t-shirts. You should sell the t-shirts to your friends and also to everybody who needs t-shirts. Sell it only at cost price. So you get more customers for your t-shirts and your message will go to much  more people. Everybody who needs t-shirts will buy your t-shirts because they are so cheap. So there are many opportunities for all the people to read your message and in this case it would not even be  necessary to show it on the television.

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